April Savings Totals!

I keep a running total of the amount that I save just with coupons that I use during the month on groceries, household items, beauty items, and personal care items. At the end of the month I compare that total with the total that I spent out-of-pocket on those items to see how much I saved JUST using coupons! This month’s total is…….. I spent $254.51 and SAVED $ 310.10 just with coupons!! That’s a 55 % savings on everything! I was $25.49 under budget this month!  It was a good thing I was away for a week and the grocery deals weren’t that great this past week so I had enough for my Menards trip yesterday and my Target trip today!

My grocery,household, beauty, and personal care items budget for the month is $280.

So for next month keep a running total of every coupon you use in a notebook or on a sheet of paper, you might just be surprised at the end of month with how much you’ve saved! Check out my savings from August here September here October here November here December here January here February here  March here

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About iowacouponing

Katie Kitterman owner of Iowa Couponing loves to help others save the hundreds of dollars a month on grocery and household items that she is saving! She posts new deals, coupons, and online finds daily on her facebook group Iowa Couponing that has over 3800 members! She has been featured in the national magazine All You as a Super Saver, the Des Moines Register, WHO Channel 13 news, KCCI Channel 8 news, ABC 5 news and other media outlets for her couponing abilities! She has now taught over 1500 people her couponing ways and can teach you too!
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5 Responses to April Savings Totals!

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  2. Shaunna Ulrick says:

    I love your blog, the facebook page and have taken your class!
    What I need help on now is keeping in my budget, how not to get excited about the coupons and spend $ when I normally wouldn’t and I am also intimidated by using the mail in rebates at Menards. Could you go a little more in detail about that in a blog post or offer another class going into specifics?
    Thanks for all you do!

  3. Stacie Hammes says:

    Katie, How did you come up with a budget for buying groceries? I never really set a budget. I know I’m spending less since I started couponing. Taking your class a few months back in Montezuma, has really opened my eyes, wish I was doing this 10 years ago! I even started planning meals for 2 weeks, cause thats when my husband and I get paid and I do my shopping!

    • Stacie- When I started couponing “seriously” I just took the amount that I was currently spending on groceries and took $100 off of that. When that got easier to achieve I dropped the budget by $50 and so on and so forth until it was hard to stick by the budget that I had set. I also think of my budget in terms of weeks because some weeks the grocery ads are better than others and so I spend more, and some less but in the end it all evens out.

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