Items you can FREEZE

Here are a list of items that  you can stock up on and that freeze well.  Please list what items you have that you freeze in the comment section below and we can get a list going!

  • bread, hamburger buns, hotdog buns
  • shredded cheese
  • yogurt
  • butter
  • cereal
  • milk (empty a bit out first so it doesn’t explode)
  • popcorn
  • cream cheese
  • chips
  • flour sugar

Feel free to post the items you freeze in the comments below!

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25 Responses to Items you can FREEZE

  1. Krista says:

    I read somewhere that you can freeze sour cream. I tried it and it does NOT come out with the same consistency. It tastes the same, but the texture is chunky.

  2. Joyanna says:

    Little Debbie snack cakes! You can eat them right out of the freezer.

  3. jennifer says:

    I chop onions, flash freeze and then bag them. Same with bell peppers. So easy to have in the freezer.
    I freeze tomato sauce/tomato paste if I only needed a small portion.
    Chicken broth.
    We freeze lunch meat with no issues.

  4. i have had quite a few of the can biscuits lately. i decided to open them up and put them two to a bag so they don’t stick together and put them in the freezer. i take them out and let them completely defrost and they bake nicely. :) with only two of us here it works well

  5. Tiffany Foxx says:

    You can also freeze cereal! I usually take it out of the box and mark the bag what it is with a permanent marker! I’ve got lots of cereal from Christmas sales stored in the freezer!

  6. Anonymous says:

    heard on tv you can freeze flour forever

  7. Shannon says:

    I freeze lunch meat and it seems to work out pretty well.

  8. bananas freeze well-I usually buy them in the ‘scratch/dent’ discounted rack for cheap, peel them & put them 3bananas to a container (that’s what my recipe calls for) then just move them from the freezer to the fridge the day before I plan to bake w/them.

    Fresh pumpkin or squash I cook/puree then divide into the appropriate measure that the recipe calls for & freeze flat in baggies then stand them up for storage after they are solidly frozen. again I defrost in fridge overnight.

    ‘homemade’ chicken or beef stock is poured into jars (w/room left @ the top for expansion) & frozen for later use.

    homemade refried beans are frozen easily too.

  9. Barb says:

    I mix eggs and whatever ingredients I like to put in them, mix them together and pour in muffin tins and freeze. After they are frozen I put them in separate bags or food saver bags. I keep them in the freezer until I want them and take them out the night before and put in the refrigerator. In the morning all you have to do is empty the bag into a bowl to microwave or cook in a pan, whichever you prefer. I am sure if you forget to take them out you could defrost them in the morning.

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