How to tell if it’s a Target coupon or a Manufacturer Coupon!

How to Tell Which are Target Coupons Before Printing FAQs & Basics, 

 “How do I know which coupons are Target Coupons Before I Print?” is one of the questions I get asked the most, so I thought I would do a post to explain the ways I use to tell the difference. While I really wish & hope one day I will see a little red bulls eye on the coupon images so that we can easily tell the difference, so far it has not happened. To make things easy for readers I do maintain a list of current available Store coupons along with a matchup on my Target Coupon Page. I do print them all in order to verify specifics, and expiration dates. But if you are interested in checking on your own- here are several ways to do it… 1. WORDING IN THE DISPLAY MANUFACTURER COUPONS: Manufacturer coupons always use the wording “when you buy”. TARGET COUPONS: Target Store coupons always use the phrase “with purchase of”. OR Target coupons use no pre-emptive wording at all. So for example the Sensodyne coupon shown above says neither and is in fact a Target Store coupon.

2. PICTURE PROPERTIES: Another way to tell if it is a Target or Manufacturer’s coupon is to right-click on the image in the center of the coupon (the actual product). I realize different browsers & operating systems will have a slightly different method of obtaining a picture’s properties- but usually when you right click on the image you will get an option of “Picture Properties” or “View Image Info”. Once you click on that it will bring up a small dialog box with the image info. TARGET COUPONS: Coupons that are Target coupons have images stored in a subdirectory called Target. Images listed in this Target Directory are all store coupons. MANUFACTURER COUPONS: Coupons that are manufacturer coupons have images stored in a subdirectory called “manufact”. Images listed in this Directory are all manufacturer coupons.

3. PRINT PREVIEW Some printers allow you to put your printer in a print preview mode. If your printer has that ability you can usually find it in your printer properties & settings. Not all printers have this option, but if yours does, this mode forces the printer to bring up a preview before you print, therefore easily telling if it is a Target or a manufacturer coupon.


Thanks Totally Target for these great tips!!

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2 Responses to How to tell if it’s a Target coupon or a Manufacturer Coupon!

  1. Tammy says:

    I use coupons on a regular basis and I do save alot money. I agree with people using coupons tto save money. I don’t agree with people stock piling goods when food banks and homeless shelters are in dire need of donations. Why not use your coupon savings for 2 good things, helping save your family money and donating to those in need?

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