Price Match- Instead of wasting gas!

So it’s grocery day and you’ve read my match ups and you are ready to make a list!  Dahls has a couple of items, Hy-Vee a few more and Fareway a couple more still.  So, do you get in the car and drive to each store spending extra time and gas?  No Way!  Here’s what you do:

Make a list of everything that you are getting at each of the grocery stores under the headings of the store’s names.

Then see what store has the most and best deals for the week and see if the items that are left can be price matched at that store!  If your store that has the most deals is either HyVee or Fareway you can price match!  Fareway will price match competitors ads and take competitors coupons!  Just make sure you have the ad that you are matching to with you.  Most HyVee’s will price match and also take competitor’s coupons.  BUT, with HyVee you will need to call your store ahead of time if this is your first time trying to price match.  Each store seems to have a different policy so make sure to ask if they price match ads, and if they take competitors coupons.

Also, when stores honor competitors in ad coupons they will also let you stack a manufacturer coupon on top, just like if you were using the coupon in the original store.

One other option is to price match at Walmart, bring the ad and you are good to go!  For Walmart’s offical price matching policy check out my post titled “Store Coupon Policies” and click on the Walmart link.

So next time you are running around town trying to get every deal, remember a little planning with price matching and you will have more time left to organize your coupon binder! :)

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Katie Kitterman owner of Iowa Couponing loves to help others save the hundreds of dollars a month on grocery and household items that she is saving! She posts new deals, coupons, and online finds daily on her facebook group Iowa Couponing that has over 3800 members! She has been featured in the national magazine All You as a Super Saver, the Des Moines Register, WHO Channel 13 news, KCCI Channel 8 news, ABC 5 news and other media outlets for her couponing abilities! She has now taught over 1500 people her couponing ways and can teach you too!
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One Response to Price Match- Instead of wasting gas!

  1. I am also an Iowa blogger but I live in Eastern Iowa. I price match all the time – mostly at Walmart, though. My local HyVee won’t price match (I guess I should just verify that with them – but they aren’t the friendliest to coupons). Fareway also gives me a hard time sometimes. Walmart rarely questions me though! LOVE price matching!!

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